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Let's chat about your design career

Hello and welcome to fivefold·sup 👋

it's a slight enhancement to "original" fivefold 🔗

My name is Dorde Vanjek 🔗 and I'll be your host.


The goal of this project is to potentially get in touch with you and discuss your design career.

You can hope for the best as I'll be able to give you some feedback on your work... should feel free to give me some feedback too!

or, we could end up talking about **something funny placeholder**

Essentially, that's it, you can scroll down to learn more or you can just trust the universe and do it!

Closed 😕

Are you, like, legit?

With over 10 years in the industry, I’ve worked in startups and agencies on phenomenal projects, including CocaCola and CapitalOne Bank out of big names. I also worked on the establishment of awesome startups like instamotor, super and amondo, where I'm currently working.

Besides the valuable experience, I’ve also gained some friends and connections that we could talk about as these are also qualities of a designer.

Have you ever taught this to anyone?

Of course. I also used to have a YouTube channel some time ago and it was all about teaching people how to code but also how to properly kickstart and improve their careers. Here are the two testimonials from initial fivefold classmates. Other three never sent theirs, but they liked it too, pinky promise.

Since I knew who Djordje is, I also knew I am going to learn a lot. But, I learned a lot more than I expected. The most important thing Djordje taught us is actually how to learn, and how to constantly improve our skills.


Through practical and completely transparent insight in every aspect of working as a designer, fivefold got me from absolute beginner to feeling ready in every way to start my own career, all while having fun and getting to meet amazing people.


What are we gonna talk about?

It's a free form really - generally I'd like to identify if there are some obstacles in your career currently and focus on those. I'd also gladly step in if you want me to aid you by providing feedback on your work.

  • Design Principles
  • Communication
  • Research
  • Presentation
  • Prioritizing
  • Inclusivity
  • Getting Clients
  • Design Systems
  • Project Feedback
  • Figma!


Awesome! Few more things, although I will also be open to you if you are a senior, I am truly looking for juniors, as the whole premise of the fivefold is to pass the knowledge to the youth.

Give me heads up Let me know what do you want to talk about in the application

I might reschedule Don't worry I'll make sure to get back to you

It's a worldwide thing Don't beat yourself if your English isn't perfect

Closed 😕
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